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Our plan was to give away 100 well-loved bike to Austin area kids by the end of the summer 2020, but we quickly surpassed that goal.  We're now taking this as far as we can, to reach any kid that needs a bike, year-round.  There's no stopping now!

The bike requests keep on coming, and the bike donations are growing.  We currently have a growing list of bike requests from schools and other social service organizations.  The word has spread, and we can't keep up!  We need your help!

We would be grateful for your support to realize our vision, either with monetary donations, or by bringing us bikes to fix and give away.  Next step is to grow our family operation and move into warehouse space to store, repair, and get bikes to kids that need them ASAP!

We made the news!: Click for CBS Austin Story

We were on a TV show! Returning the Favor.

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Bikes In:   741
Bikes Out: 673



We are a father and daughter team that was inspired to start this project by seeing kids riding bikes in our neighborhood. While many  kids have bikes already, there are many more that still do not, and do not have a way to get one. We decided to try to change that!


Dad (a bicycle mechanic) and daughter (Lucero, 11 years old) fix, tune, wash, and test ride every single bike that we give away.  We are trying to get 100 (or more!) bikes to kids by the end of the summer, totally for free!

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If you have any questions about our project, or would like to get involved, please feel free to reach out.  We are running this out of our garage at the moment,  but would like to turn it into something bigger -- to reach even more kids! 


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